Construction and Fabrication

YOUR COMPANY NAME is well known and widely acknowledged as an integrated service provider for topside major maintenance, hook-up construction and commissioning of offshore and onshore oil and gas installations. The scope of services covers all surface engineering that include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, hook-up, construction and commissioning work and also includes offshore marine services.

For maximum benefits to clients, our services are delivered and executed on a single point basis of responsibility and accountability or integrated basis that guarantees operations efficiency, cost reduction and faster project turnaround.
List of Services:

  • Pre-drill, post drill and well tie-ins
  • Rejuvenation of platforms and living quarters
  • Brown field tie-ins and modifications
  • Green field installation, hook-up and commissioning
  • Onshore fabrication
  • Engineering and work execution, planning & construction
  • Provision of construction equipment and personnel
  • Procurement of long lead project materials
  • Provision of specialist services such as hot tapping and GRE fabrication works
  • NDT inspections and testing
  • Support for well intervention and acidisation